Who Is Linda P.?

Inspiration Point - Idyllwild, CA - Linda sitting atop a boulder overlooking some of Southern California's mountain ranges. 

Inspiration Point - Idyllwild, CA - Linda sitting atop a boulder overlooking some of Southern California's mountain ranges. 


Linda Pharathikoune is a Lao-American author, writer, and entrepreneur based out of Southern California. Alongside her book, her writing has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, elephant journal, and Positively Positive. She has worked as a Ghostwriter and Writing Coach for a number of seasoned and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 

She serves as the CEO of The Writing Room, LLC; President/Co-Founder of Paloma Enterprises|Online (an ECommerce Consulting Firm); and President/Co-Founder of The Indigo Buffalo, Inc. (RE Holdings and Ecom Store).

When she's not fulfilling her business duties, you can find her zipping around on her beloved Vespa (Betty), tending to her urban garden, belting out her signature song at karaoke, or retreating to her mountain cabin (Iris) in Idyllwild, CA. 


In 2013, she set off on what would be the most profound adventure of her adult life. On a whim, Linda bought a one-way ticket to Bali, quit her corporate job, sold (or gave away) all of her belongings, and packed her life into one suitcase and carry-on bag. This adventure was inspired by a book called The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and was Linda's way of experimenting with the principles taught in the book; primarily, the idea that you can live - what Tim calls - a Lifestyle By Design. 

This idea resonated deeply with Linda, and after spending two contemplative and refreshing months in Bali, she came back to the states only to realize that her "default programming" was causing her to self-sabotage. It was in this moment she decided to retreat to the mountains and live simply, which ultimately caused her to realign with the meaning in her life. 

It was in Idyllwild, CA that Linda rediscovered the meaning of creating a Lifestyle By Design and began to recreate her life and work, quietly and behind closed doors. She launched The Writing Room, LLC and began ghostwriting for clients; finished and self-published her first book called The Audacious Heart: Lessons On Letting God & Letting Go; signed a three year contract with a digital publisher; and got published in wildly popular online publications. 

Linda took another page out of Tim Ferriss's book - the "create a fully automated online business" page - and hopped on the Ecommerce band wagon.  She launched a highly successful Ecom store and became the first person to break $100k in sales in her first 100 days in business within the Ecom Drop Ship Training program she was in.  Subsequently, she was approached to teach a Mastermind class and out of that experience, decided to launch an Ecom consulting firm that helps other Ecom store owners create breakthrough results in their own stores. To date, 100% of Linda's consulting clients have seen phenomenal results with her guidance. 

Linda has held a CA Real Estate License since 2004 and has over a decade of Multi-Family Management experience. She and her life partner owns investment properties in San Diego and Idyllwild, CA. Her life partner is the acting Broker of Team Metro Real Estate, while Linda has taken on Real Estate Sales and Marketing for the brokerage.